Declared world heritage site from UNESCO, Verona was declared “City of love”, protagonist of the well known tragedy Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, written between 1594 and 1596. It is home to ancient art pieces of precious craftsmanship other than being great example of fortified city. Verona is a strongly requested destination by Diamonds Rose’s clients, which was designed a particular and precise itinerary for.

  • The Arena of Verona, romanic amphitheater today stage of international concerts and lyric operas.
  • Erbe’s square, the most ancient of the city.
  • “Castelvecchio”, the most majestic military delegation of the city, currently designated as civic museum.
  • Giulietta’s house, place of great touristic attraction thanks to the great notoriety of the opera which took place in this location.
  • Bra square, the biggest of Verona.

Entrance to the locations is included in the tour tariff.

€ 1000,00
€ 1600,00
€ 2200,00