St. Antonio’s Basilica – The Scrovegni’s Chapel – Del Bo’ Palace – “Villa Pisani”

Classified as the third municipality of the Veneto region for residential density, Padova has more than 400 000 inhabitants. Cultural capital of the 4th century, cradle of major artisanal and pictorial ability, the city was founded in between XIII and XI century b.c. Diamonds Rose proposes to its customers a guided tour of the most fascinating architectural and religious operas of the city:

  • St. Antonio’s Basilica was established in 1200, characterized by the co-existense of Romanic and Gothic styles.
  • The Scrovegni’s Chaple was painted in between 1303 and 1305 by Giotto who was appointed by Enrico from the Scrovegni family and is considered one of the major masterpieces of western art.
  • Del Bo’ Palace is the historical palace where is located the University of Padova since 1493, management headquarter of the University and law school.
  • “Villa Pisani”, recognized as museum, hosts ancient, modern and contemporary great art exhibitions.

Entrance to the locations is included in the tour tariff.

€ 1000,00
€ 1600,00
€ 2200,00